Article | March 22, 2022

Patient Care Throughput

The Challenge: Satisfying Patients, Providers and Reaching Improved Financial Performance

By finding ways to transform and optimize workflow processes, a hospital can have an improved positive impact while increasing patient, staff and provider satisfaction.

Few hospital areas are designed to achieve optimal flow of patients, including the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, and operating rooms and their related pre- and post-care areas creating major bottlenecks. These bottlenecks often result in unpredictable diversions, increased patient wait time, housing inpatients in ED, and longer length of stays.

Identifying that there is a problem is the first step. Then it’s necessary to have the right clinical and operational staff to determine the why and the resolution – all the while assuring that all quality and regulatory requirements are met.

  • Our Focus — Beginning to End Services
    • Patient Access
    • Patient Placement
    • Patient Care Delivery
    • Patient Discharge
  • Our Approach
    • Evaluating patient flow -determining hurdles and opportunities
    • Designing changes for improvement
    • Implementing process changes
    • Mentoring – one – on – one with consultants experienced in focused area
    • Measuring results
    • Continued training and tools for sustainable results.
  • Our Results
    • Reduced Emergency Department LOS
    • Increased ED capacity thus reducing diversion rates
    • Reduced left without being seen percent
    • Reduced surgery cancellations
    • Reduced patient care costs (per unit of service)