Article | March 22, 2022

Specialists in Anesthesia and Pain Management: Compliance, Coding and Billing Audits

Kohler HealthCare Consulting executives have participated in hundreds of physician practice audits over the past 30 years with significant work in anesthesia and pain management. KHC can offer you the support from years of expertise and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Anesthesia Compliance Audits to Ensure Adherence To
    • The 7 Steps of Medical Direction
    • Hospital Conditions of Participation
    • Concurrency
  • Ensure Optimal Reimbursement
    • Capture All Ancillary Services-A-line, CVP, Swans-Ganz
    • Correct Coding and Billing of Post-Operative Pain Services
    • Qualifying Circumstances
    • Proper Obstetrics Policies
  • Billing Nuances of Anesthesia Services
    • Anesthesia Modifiers
    • Rounding of Minutes
    • Physical Status Modifiers
    • Cancelled Services
  • Coding and Medical Record Documentation
    • Review Surgical Reports to Validate ASA Coding
    • Diagnostic and Medical Necessity Coding Review
  • Compliance and Regulatory Matters
    • Op-Out State Regulation
    • Broken Medical Direction

Further, we can add our clinical background in improving an Ambulatory Surgery Center’s operational and regulatory reviews with our Registered Nurses and Credentialed Coders.