Our Consulting Services

Analytic Solutions


Kohler HealthCare consultants are healthcare data analytics experts. We apply data science principles to explore and integrate massive datasets from any source to deliver the next-level insights.

We specialize in big data, aggregating disparate data, strategic performance analysis, and data visualization. With over 20 years of collective experience, we have the expertise to provide customized reporting to drive improved performance.

Managing Data

Data comes in many different forms and formats. Our data governance and health care knowledge allow us to understand how to pull disparate data files together and what data points are needed for our analytics. Our team works together to address individual provider atributes and the needs for our role in helping you get the results you need, whether it is for a one-time case issue or for your on-going analytic and review.

Analytics, Visualizations, and Dashboards

We know how important it is to communicate complex data in an easy-to-digest way. To serve this need, we offer custom dashboards and data visualizations that present meaningful insights in a simple, straightforward manner.

We will develop a suite of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics for your organization based on best practices and industry benchmarks. These metrics provides a clear picture of the current state of and supports informed decision making for performance improvement.

Business Intelligence

Our analytics solutions are singularly focused on the healthcare industry. We are experts in a range of data principles and tools that support strategic performance analysis; data visualizations; dashboards; and other data storytelling techniques.

  • Litigation Support and Powerful Strategies
  • BI Strategy
  • Strategic KPIs and Measures
  • Quick Analysis
  • Data Validation and QA
  • Consolidating Multiple Streams of Data
  • Leveraging Existing Licenses and Cloud Resources
  • Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft Power Stack
  • Creating End to End BI Solutions