Article | March 21, 2022

Quality, Risk and Compliance: A Critical Synergy for Patient Safety and Organizational Effectiveness

Health care organizations increasingly are called upon to respond to a myriad of issues—clinical, operational and regulatory—associated with quality of care including delivery, reimbursement and payment, efficiency, cost controls, collaboration between providers, and patient expectations. In today’s environment, the concept of quality of care is inseparable from, and is essentially subsumed by, the mission and operations of an organization. Plus regulatory agencies are increasing focus and scrutiny on healthcare organizations. The relationship between compliance, quality, risk and operations is complimentary, not contradictory. Oversight of quality and risk is now clearly recognized as a core fiduciary and compliance obligation of Boards and Senior Leaders. It is critical that organizations address emergence of quality of care issues, challenges and opportunities, and are attentive to the development of specific quality of care measurement and reporting requirements. Kohler Healthcare Consulting is your source for readiness and implementation. Whether it is operational support in the form of compliance and quality restructuring, assessment and implementation of effective peer review systems, corrective action plans, or IRO roles under government mandated integrity agreements, Kohler HealthCare is only a phone call away.

Our Approach to Providing Assistance

Kohler HealthCare Consulting provides organizations with the necessary tools to assist them in meeting their quality, risk and compliance obligations. In situations involving regulatory oversight, critical deadlines, voluminous records, and complicated issues, we can provide you with support and answers. Our clinical, quality, risk and compliance professionals are experienced in providing assistance and expertise on a myriad of issues including:

  • Assessing organizational quality goals, including metrics, benchmarks and management accountability, integration into overall corporate policies and operations, and effectiveness of internal controls
  • Assisting internal and external counsel and compliance officers with investigation and remediation of critical quality, risk or compliance matters
  • Developing strategies for identified compliance issues and implementation of corrective action plans
  • Conducting quality and compliance risk assessments
  • Assisting medical staff leaders in assessment and implementation of effective peer review processes
  • Developing compliance plans, policies and procedures that address quality of care and patient safety issues
  • Reviewing reports of quality of care concerns and medical errors to assess organizational exposure and potential liability
  • Providing general and specific training at hospitals on quality, risk and compliance
  • Serving as IRO for several providers related to CIA obligations and implementation of compliance program elements