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Medical Practice: Accounts Receivable Effectiveness


The Current Environment


In an environment of diminishing payments, a troubled economy and ever increasing regulations the consultants at Kohler HealthCare Consulting, Inc. (KHC) understand the importance of an effective and efficient revenue cycle process with specific concerns regarding getting paid the right amounts.


Approach to Improvements


Like peeling the layers of an onion, KHC uncovers the fiscal and organizational strengths and weaknesses of revenue generation and how it impacts your Practice’s bottom line. This is done by understanding the functional details of each step of the process, and devising specific tools and approaches to minimize the deficits. To adequately determine a hospital-owned or independent medical practice's fiscal health and efficiency we start by assessing, establishing and implementing fine tuned protocols in a variety of areas—operational, staffing, coding, billing and compliance. Through this framework along with tools, education and continuous updating of the skills and knowledge required for optimal performance, KHC works collaboratively to bring the components together for success.


Improvement in Revenue Cycle is supported by assuring physician productivity and models are based on how physicians and non-physician providers actually provide care. We establish an approach that goes beyond the blind application of RVU methodology.


From a compliance standpoint, we also provide expertise and guidance on documentation, coding and billing, and medical necessity to ensure you are paid for the work you do, and the reporting of services is correct.


This approach can only be done by those with a mix of backgrounds and experience. Our consultants are experts in medical practice, clinical, compliance, coding, billing, finance and regulatory issues. We find those who understand the conflicts existing within departments can best provide the solutions and tools to remedy the situation.


KOHLER HealthCare Consulting, Inc. (KHC) has been a leader in improving the financial results of hospital owned and independent medical practices for over 30 years.


Our staff has been Practice Managers and Administrators of large, small and hospital owned medical practices. Plus, we understand the conflicts that may exist between functions, and move the Managers to be Revenue Managers as well as the traditional expense managers.


Our staff and affiliated consultants have ‘hands-on’ acquired depth of   understanding—and the education component as well, including physicians, nurses, professional medical office manager, and masters-level consultants with experience in medical practice management, hospital coordination and practice evaluation, including:

  • Review of Accounts Receivable Agings—Separating Credit from Debit Balances
  • Review of Non-Contractual
  • Review of Net Collection Percentages
  • Comparison to Nationally Recognized Metrics
  • Recommendations for Improvements

Staffing is matched to your needs.


Need a “tune-up” of your revenue cycle process? Call one of our specialists.


Charlotte Kohler (443) 956 − 1434


Collaboration + Knowledge = Sustainable Results

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