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Specialists in Anesthesia and Pain Management:
Compliance, Coding and Billing Audits


Kohler HealthCare Consulting executives have participated in hundreds of physician practice audits over the past 30 years with significant work in anesthesia and pain management. KHC can offer you the support from years of expertise and knowledge in the following areas:


      Anesthesia Compliance Audits to Ensure Adherence To


  • The 7 Steps of Medical Direction
  • Hospital Conditions of Participation
  • Concurrency


      Ensure Optimal Reimbursement


  • Capture All Ancillary Services-A-line, CVP, Swans-Ganz
  • Correct Coding and Billing of Post-Operative Pain Services
  • Qualifying Circumstances
  • Proper Obstetrics Policies


      Billing Nuances of Anesthesia Services


  • Anesthesia Modifiers
  • Rounding of Minutes
  • Physical Status Modifiers
  • Cancelled Services


      Coding and Medical Record Documentation


  • Review Surgical Reports to Validate ASA Coding
  • Diagnostic and Medical Necessity Coding Review


      Compliance and Regulatory Matters


  • Op-Out State Regulation
  • Broken Medical Direction


Further, we can add our clinical background in improving an Ambulatory Surgery Center’s operational and regulatory reviews with our Registered Nurses and Credentialed Coders.


Kohler HealthCare Consulting, Inc. (KHC) has been a leader in improving the financial results of hospitals and professional fee practices for over 30 years.


We can review your entire Revenue Cycle to ensure you are compliant in record keeping, coding, billing and reimbursement. We start by understanding your needs and your concerns. We then review the tools and process you currently have in place and determine if they are what you need to improve the financial outcome of your Revenue Cycle.


We can work with one department such as coding or billing or the entire group providing education to everyone from Clinical Providers to support staff.


Anesthesia and pain management coding and billing is a very nuanced specialty. Kohler HealthCare Consulting has the experienced staff to assist with all your audit needs. Because of our broad range of educational and operational experiences (operational, staffing, coding, billing and compliance), we are able to identify the links in each aspect of the Revenue Cycle. Through this framework, along with a continuous updating of the skills and knowledge required for optimal performance, KHC works collaboratively to bring the components together.


We provide customized education, development of purpose tools and implementation setting us apart from the companies that sell a one size fits all approach.


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Collaboration + Knowledge = Sustainable Results

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